Bear sightings in Fernie, May/June 2011

There have been a number of bear sightings so far this year, especially in the outlying areas of the community. Mostly the bears are behaving naturally – eating grass or passing through.

Now is the time to prevent the bears from being attracted further into our community, by keeping garbage secured so they don’t see our residential areas as an easy food source.

When you are hiking or biking, make plenty of noise so that bears know you are around and can get out of your way.

If you see a bear, report it on this blog so we can let the community know, and report it to the Conservation Service by calling 1-877-952-7277 to ensure the official record of bear activity in the Elk Valley is accurate.

This will help Bear Aware to proactively work with residents in areas of high human-bear conflict and continue to get funding from various levels of government and other organizations.

• May 18 Injured Grizzly seen behind Pinnacle Ridge

• May 14 Black bear seen on Eric’s Trail

• May 20 Bear seen on Lower Fairy Creek Meadow by biker

• May 18 Orphaned cub seen in Burma Road area

• May 29 Black bear seen by bikers on the side of Burma Road

• May 30 Biker was bluff charged by a Grizzly sow and cub on Roots trail by River Road extension junction

• May 30 Sow and three cubs seen passing through on Boomerang Way, Fernie Alpine Resort.

• May 30 Grizzly seen passing through Lodge Trail Lane, Alpine Trails

• May 31 Grizzly seen in backyard eating grass, Alpine Trail

• May 31 Black bear seen passing through yards on Ridgemont Lane

• May 31 Grizzly sighting, Lodge Trail Lane

• June 1 Mom and three cubs seen at Fernie Alpine Resort

• June 1 Sow and three cubs seen at Timberline Crescent, Fernie Alpine Resort

• June 6 Alleged bear attack on bikers, deadfall trail. Found to be a false alarm, biker was injured not attacked by a bear

• June 9 Black bear with cubs by the new bench on Hyperventilation trail

• June 10 Sow with cubs seen up on Castle Mountain hill in a backyard

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