July 5 – Black bear seen at Fernie Alpine Resort near bottom of Boomerang chair lift

A black bear was eating grass on Lower Bear Trail near the Boomerang chair lift at around 8pm on Tuesday, July 5. Another biker came within a few metres of the bear while riding the Cedar Trail. The bear did not react to the presence of the bikers.

The Elk Valley is Bear Country. Be prepared and expect to encounter wildlife.

Make plenty of noise to avoid startling any bears that may be nearby, especially when you are moving fast and quietly while out mountain biking or running.

Sing, shout ‘hey bear’ or chat loudly to make sure the bear knows you are around and can get out of your way.

Watch for fresh bear signs, travel in groups in daylight, keep your dogs under control and do not leave any garbage on the trails.

Remember to carry bear spray when on trails and know how to use it.