Lack of berries drives bears into Fernie over the long weekend

Bears have been seen in Fernie over the long weekend by the Beaver Pond in West Fernie, the off leash dog park in the Annex, the Fernie Golf and Country Club, Old Stumpy’s Trail and on Timberline Crescent at F.A.R.

Sparwood, a bear has been at the Seniors Complex on 2nd Avenue.

A delay in the berry crop is driving bears into town in search of easy food sources.  Please be vigilant and ensure your garbage is kept indooors between collection days, BBQ’s are burned off, covered and secured, bird feeders are brought in and any other attractants are secured.

Whether you are going for a walk along our trails in town or heading out into the alpine, put thought and energy into preventing encounters with wildlife.  Make noise to warn bears of your presence, travel in groups and during daylight and do not litter.