Grizzly bear bluff charges two man tent on Heiko’s trail in Fernie

August 16th, 8:30 Pm.  A grizzly bear bluff charged a two man tent along Heiko’s trail at the base of the trail heading up to the middle sister.  Both occupants were inside the tent, heard a large animal approaching the tent at high speed snorting and grunting loudly, the bear brushed the tent at full tilt. Both occupants scrambled for bear spray and exited the tent, and spotted the rear of a large grizzly as it trotted over a burm about 10 meters behind the tent.

Cooking area and food approximately 500m away and downwind from campsite. All attractants had been bear bagged and strung up 10 m in a tree at that location.   Bear did not return once the campsite was moved to higher ground.  Original campsite was located near highly trafficked area, possible that bear was simply surprised as it came around a blind corner, and reacted.