Hikers account of their encounter with a grizzly bear on Heiko’s Trail in Fernie

We were hiking down Heiko’s Trail along some huckleberry patches just behind Mount Fernie, when all of a sudden the leader in our group started yelling something random. As the rest of us approached him, he told us that a grizzly bear had just bluff charged him with her cub. Before we knew, the grizzly came crashing out of the woods to charge again. We started yelling and blowing air horns and it ran back into the woods. We warned the 4 hikers behind us and their dogs about the bear and after contemplating on what to do, we backed off into a large field and calmed ourselves down. After waiting in the field for a while, 10 minutes or so, we heard branches snapping as the bear charged out into the field towards us for the third time. When it found out there was 15 of us, it quickly turned around, stopped to take a second look, and took off into the trees again. We then decided that the bear didn’t want us to pass on the trail and it was probably in our best interest to hike around. So we scrambled up the backside of Mount Fernie to traverse across the west side of that range, to Island Lake.