CPR crew member chased by a bear east of Sparwood. Bears attracted by apple trees in the Elk Valley

A black bear chased a CPR crew member 10 kms east of Sparwood.  The crew member mananged to climb back onto the train for safety. 

 Bears have been attracted into residential areas by apple trees on North Star Rd in Elko and properties throughout Fernie. Owning a fruit tree in bear country is a big responsibility.  For your own safety, the safety of your neighbours and to help keep our bears wild please clean up all windfall fruit, and pick all fruit from the tree.  If you don’t intend on using the fruit consider replacing the tree with a non fruit bearing tree.  Keeping our community safe is everyone’s responsibility.  If you have excess apples and would like to share them, list your tree on the community apple exchange  www.ecogarden.ca