We have Spirit Bears (White Bears) in the Elk Valley. Let’s work together to keep them wild and alive!

In 2008, a white bear was hanging around town in Elkford, it was trapped and relocated. Recently, a black bear sow and three cubs (one white, one black, and one cinnamon-coloured cub) have been seen in Elkford. 

Despite their name, black bears can come in many colours, such as black, brown, cinnamon, and even white. One subspecies of the American black bear is the Kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodei), also known as the spirit bear, which is found on the central and north coast of BC. In Kermode bear populations, about 10% of the bears are white or cream-coloured due to recessive genes that are common within the subspecies. The white Kermode bears are not albinos. White bears also rarely occur in other populations of black bears in North America.

Do you or any of your neighbours, family or friends have garbage outside, loaded fruit trees or other attractants on your property?  For your own safety and that of our wildlife please work together to secure attractants.  Talk to your neighbours, they may not be aware that they are jeopardizing the safety of the neighborhood and contributing to the needless killing of bears.