Garbage and birdfeeders kill a Fernie Bear

Friday June 8th.  Unsecured garbage and birdfeeders have resulted in the first bear death in Fernie in 2012.  Please take a moment today and look around your property and remove anything that may attract bears.  (garbage, birdfeeders, pet food, dirty BBQ’s).  The death of this bear does not solve the problem.  As long as there is easy food available, other bears will move in.  It is up to us to keep our community clean and safe for people and bears.  This bear had 2 cubs, the cubs are still around and have little chance of survival.  Please call 1-877-952-7277 if you see them.  There is also a black bear with an ear tag in town.  TImagehis bear has come from Alberta, a harsh reminder that relocation is not a solution.  Bear proofing your property is!