A Tragic Death for Bear SW 0151 in Fernie. This is His Story

The large black bear with the orange ear tag (SW 0151), will no longer be seen by many throughout the City of Fernie.  He had to be killed on July 1st in Ridgemont.  This is his story:  Back in July 2011 this bear was getting into birdfeeders in Lundbreck Falls, Alberta.  At that time he had not been reported accessing garbage.  He was trapped and relocated to the headwaters of the Old Man River directly east of Elkford on the Alberta side on July 14th   2011.  This was an attempt to give him a chance.

In this case it is apparent that relocation did this bear more harm than good.  He was taken out of his home range, disoriented and travelled more than 100kms and ended up making his way through the Elk Valley initially getting into birdfeeders which lead to him foraging for garbage in carports, in backyards and on decks putting him in close proximity people, kids and pets.

He became bolder in his search for food and garbage, posed a threat to human safety, your families and pets and had to be killed in Ridgemont on July 1st 2012.  Just about one year after being relocated.

Yes, people and garbage are killing bears.  Relocating or killing bears does not solve the problem.  Locking up garbage and securing other attractants (pet food, BBQ’s, birdfeeders) is a proven method of preventing human/wildlife conflictImage