If you miss collection day you can dispose of garbage at the new Fernie Transfer Station 7 days a week!

Unsecured garbage stored in backyards, on decks, under carports or just left on the curb till collection day is one of the root causes of human/bear conflict in Fernie.  The new transfer station is very conveniently located on Highway 3 just east of town opposite the Home Building Centre and is open 7 days a week.  So if you miss garbage day or you are just here on the weekends there is no reason to leave garbage available for bears and other wildlife and ultimately jeopardize everyone’s safety.    Dispose of it responsibly by taking it to the transfer station. 

Hunters, carcasses can be disposed of as well and free of charge.  They need to be bagged and dropped off with household garbage.    We have the privilege of curbside garbage collection as well as a transfer station open 7 days a week so there should be no need to illegally dump waste in the backcountry or accumulate waste in our backyards. 

For more information on preventing human/bear conflict visit www.bearaware.bc.caImage