Irresponsible campers and residents are contributing to an increase in human/wildlife conflict and the needless destruction of white, black and grizzly bears throughout the Elk Valley.

Labour Day Monday. Irresponsible camping by the Cokato Barn in Fernie attracts a sow and 3 cubs and a cinnamon bear to the area. These bears were also seen on cemetery bypass trail. Thank you to Fernie residents who were biking past who took the time to educate the visitors about camping in Bear Country!
A white bear has been feeding on garbage stored outside between collection days throughout Elkford. The Conservation Officers, Bylaw Officer, Fire Chief and Bear Aware have been using non-lethal bear management techniques to attempt to move bears out of town. Unfortunately, most residents are still storing garbage outside their garage, under the carport, in the backyard or on the deck which is an open invitation for bears to access an easy meal.
A grizzly bear was seen by the falls in Mt Fernie Provincial Park. Thank you to park staff for confiscating coolers and food left unsecured!
We live in bear country. Make it your responsibility to bear proof your home or campsite today!