A white female problem bear that we created with accessible garbage was trapped in Elkford and relocated.

Friday August 7. This white bear has been relocated because she is unique. If she was black, brown or cinnamon and posing a threat to human safety she would have to be killed. She has learned that garbage is food and has been moved to new habitat where there will be other dominant bears.
Hopefully she has the skills to feed and survive. It is very likely that she will make her way back into other communities, maybe even back to Elkford. She is tagged so she can be identified. The removal (whether death or relocation) of this young white female bear is not a solution. “Elkford still has a garbage problem that is creating problem bears.”
Elk Valley bears have a reliable source of food in the form of accessible garbage. Once black bears learn to feed in garbage, become bolder and pose a threat to public safety, they are killed. A garbage can sitting on your deck next to the door is an opportunity for a bear to walk right into your house!
Relocating or killing bears is not a solution, it simply opens up a niche for other bears to move in and feed on garbage. As long as there is garbage the bears will keep coming for more. For information on bear proofing your home and keeping your family safe and our bears wild visit www.bearaware.bc.ca