Bear Activity Update in Fernie

Monday October 15th.
Bears reported accessing commercial dumpsters left open on 4th avenue and Boomerang Way at Fernie Alpine Resort. A Female bear was hit and killed by a vehicle on Manitou Road. Bears have been feeding on apple trees in backyards throughout the Annex and Downtown and bear sightings all along the Elk River Dike Trail.

We can all participate in a Community Wildlife Watch and help make Fernie a safer place for people and wildlife.

I get many questions about what more can be done to prevent the needless destruction of bears. Here is how you can help.
-if you notice residents, visitors or businesses being irresponsible with garbage, take a moment to remind them that keeping garbage indoors, closing and locking a dumpster or cleaning up an apple tree will result in a cleaner and safer neighborhood for everyone, wildlife included.
-Many residents may not be aware that we have a wildlife attractant bylaw in Fernie and offenders will be fined. It is unlawful to:
• Put your garbage on the curb prior to 5 am on the day of collection.
• Accumulate, place or store wildlife attractants (garbage, food products, food waste and other accessible, edible products or waste that attracts wildlife) under your carport, on your deck, in your backyard or in such a manner as to promote an increase in bear activity, thereby creating a risk to the safety of the public in the neighbourhood or vicinity. Please dispose of excess waste responsibly, take it to the transfer station.
• Commercial waste dumpsters containing wildlife attractants must be kept closed during the day and secured at the end of each business day to prevent access by wildlife.
The Bylaw Officer will respond to complaints and all information remains confidential. Please do call 250-423-6817 to report violators. If you are uncomfortable doing this contact Bear Aware, however, first hand information is best.

Thank you to everyone who is diligent with preventing human/wildlife conflict by managing garbage, fruit trees and other attractants, involving their families and neighbours and complying with local bylaws. The end result will be a safer and cleaner community for people and wildlife.