Grizzly Bear Sightings on Fernie Mountain Bike Trails

Monday May 27. There have been several reports of a grizzly bear on Ecoterrorist trail in the Ridgemont biking area in Fernie.

Mountain Bikers, your speed and quietness put you at high risk for sudden bear encounters. Slow down through shrub areas and when approaching blind corners. Make noise to warn bears of your presence and avoid surprising them at close range. Travel in groups, be alert, watch ahead and talk out loud. Bears recognize the human voice and will avoid you in most instances. Carry bear spray and know how to use it. Dogs chasing wildlife may provoke defensive behaviour in bears and result in wildlife/human conflict.

If you encounter a bear, do not yell, scream or run as this may trigger an attack. If the bear sees you, speak in low calm voice to let the bear know you are human and back away slowly.

For more information on bear safety go to Due to popular demand the Bear Aware Program has evolved to include safety with other wildlife: cougars, coyotes, urban deer and bears. Visit to find out more.