Cougar sightings in Elk Valley Communities and Recreational Areas

Thursday May 30. A Cougar and kittens has been reported on the Swine Flu Trail in the Fairy Creek Area in Fernie. Cougar sightings also reported on Dickens Rd and on Balmer Crescent in Elkford.

Cougar Safety Tips

Attacks by cougar are rare but can be fatal, especially if young children are involved. In all cases you must fight back as cougar attacks are always predatory and the cougar sees you as a meal. Use rocks, sticks or whatever you have at hand to protect yourself. If you see a cougar that is watching you, maintain eye contact with the cougar and speak to it in a loud firm voice. Reinforce the fact that you are a human and not an easy target. Back out of the area and seek assistance or shelter. Call the Conservation Officer Service reporting line (1-877-952-7277) to report the incident.

Due to popular demand the Bear Aware Program has evolved into WildSafeBC and will include safety with other wildlife: cougars, coyotes, urban deer and bears. Visit to find out more or contact