Coyotes in the Elk Valley-Coyote Safety Tips

Monday June 3. Coyotes were reported stalking bikers and their dogs on R Trail in Fernie and aggressive coyotes reported in Spardell Mobile Home Park in Sparwood

Coyote Safety tips

Urban coyotes have become very comfortable around humans and have at times attacked pets on leashes within meters of their owners. Fatal attacks by coyotes are extremely rare, due mainly to the small size of a coyote. If you encounter a coyote that is aggressive towards you do not run as this may trigger an attack. Back away slowly and speak to it in a loud firm voice. If you have a walking stick use that to protect yourself, and/or deliver a series of hard kicks to the coyote’s ribs and stomach and that should be enough to dissuade the animal. Call the Conservation Officer Service reporting line (1-877-952-7277) to report the incident.

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