Grizzly Bear Attack on Mount Proctor in Fernie

FMBC bear signTwo hikers were attacked by a grizzly bear on the upper east alpine area on Mount Proctor on July 2nd. The incident is under investigation and all trails in the area are closed. For more information on the incident go to

The safest bear encounter is one prevented. BEAR SAFETY TIPS. When hiking or biking, travel in groups of two or more and keep talking (talk out loud to yourself if you are on your own). Bears recognize the human voice and will avoid you in most instances. Carry bear spray and know how to use it. It is available at most sport shops. If you encounter a bear, do not yell, scream, or run as this may trigger an attack. If the bear sees you, speak in a low voice to let the bear know that you are a human and back away slowly.
For more information on bear safety view the movie staying safe in bear country available at the Fernie Library and the Fernie Info Centre on Highway 3 and visit

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