Relocated white bears return to Elkford

White bears Kristy Anonson 3Tuesday August 20th. Two white colored female cubs were relocated from Elkford last year. One of the ear tagged white bears has been seen on Aspen and Newgate Crescents last night and this morning. The bears were ear tagged and relocated north of Elkford as they had learned to feed on garbage, became bolder in their search for food and posed a threat to public safety. This is an example that relocation seldom works with bears. They will often return to their home territory or become problem animals in other communities.
Let’s work together to keep these bears wild and our community safe by keeping garbage in a shed, garage or indoors until collection day. The district of Elkford has bear resistant residential containers that are available to residents who don’t have a shed or garage and who live in areas with bear activity. Please contact the District of Elkford.
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