Ear tagged white bear wandering the streets in Elkford at night

White bears Kristy Anonson 9Monday August 26. The ear tagged white bear has been seen in Elkford at night. This bear has become bold in its search for food. Because of its unique coloring it is a very good candidate and will likely be moved to a wildlife park.
If you see the bear, do not approach it. Call 1-877-952-7277. Your phone call will ensure the safety of the bear and of the community and will enable Conservation Officers to safely move the bear to the chosen wildlife park.

Lock up the garbage, clean up the fruit trees, burn off the bbq…., bears will move on!

The natural curiosity of bears brings them into our communities. While exploring our residential areas, they become ensnared in a web of garbage and other attractants. Bears are ruled by their stomachs; if they cannot find the food they need, they soon leave the area. Foraging in communities is a learned behaviour that threatens the safety of both the bears and the residents of that community.
It is hoped that this reduction of bear attractants will minimize complaints and reduce the number of animals that have to be destroyed or relocated each year. This reduction of bear attractants (and hence human-bear conflict) not only protects a significant wildlife resource, but also frees Conservation Officers to pursue other important duties – and saves the taxpayer money.

As the berry crop dries up, apples start to ripen and garbage is available, expect bears anytime. As the summer comes to an end, take some time to bear proof your property.

visit www.bearaware.bc.ca for more information