Elk Valley apples attracting bears into communities

bear eating applesCarelessly stored garbage and apple trees are the root causes of bear human conflict in the Elk Valley. What is the problem with bear’s eating apples? Apples are a fine food source for bears. They are very similar to many natural foods that bears normally eat. The problem is that most apple trees are located in people’s yards. Bears are natural scavengers, have great memories, a keen sense of smell and will remember an easy food source. Carelessly stored garbage, birdfeeders, dirty BBQ’s and fruit trees are open invitations to bears.

Elk Valley apples are ripe and bears are passing through town in search for easy food sources. Owning a fruit tree in bear country is a big responsibility. Pick fruit daily as it ripens or pick it before it ripens if you don’t intend on using it and don’t allow fruit to accumulate on the ground. Pruning your fruit trees will result in a better and more manageable quality of fruit. Consult your local arborist. Dispose of excess apples responsibly, take them to the compost bin at the transfer station, it is free!