Bear sightings update for the Elk Valley

Sept 14. Black and grizzly bear sightings reported throughout Elk Valley communities.
A bear was reported pushing through a screen door in West Fernie and bears seen up on Alpine Trail.
A Grizzly and 2 cubs seen on Kaisner Road. Black bear sightings on Pine Avenue by the school and on White Birch Crescent.
Bear sightings reported on Nashton, Natal, Balmer and Niagra Cresecents, Caribou and Fording Drives.

Prevent the unnecessary destruction of bears. Lock up your garbage, clean up fruit trees and manage all other attractants responsibly. Bears will move on.
thief in action
Hiking or biking: make noise to warn bears of your presence and travel in groups during daylight. If you see a bear, remain calm, speak to identify yourself as human and back away slowly.

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