Bear Safety Tips for Children/ Youth encounters a bear on the way to school in Elkford.

Bear season is here and there have been reports of bears in parks, on trails and in backyards throughout the Elk Valley. WildSafeBC will be visiting schools throughout the Elk Valley over the next few weeks to talk to kids about Wildlife Safety. Parents, make sure your kids know what to do if they encounter a bear and ensure that’s kids walking to school travel in groups or consider driving them to school during bear season.

Stress the need for children to:
a. Never run and never scream – both of these can cause a bear to attack, even if the bear had not been planning on it.
b. Back away slowly after sighting a bear and seek shelter or assistance.
c. Do not run (Yes repeat this part of the message)
d. They should only speak in a loud deep voice and to make themselves look large if the bear has seen, and is moving towards them. They could say something like “Hey! Go away bear” Practice this in deep voice like they are giving a command to a dog. Let them know that whatever they say is better than saying nothing – just don’t scream.
e. They should keep their backpack on for protection.
f. They should seek shelter in a block parent home, car or other structure.
g. Never, ever run from a bear.
For more information on wildlife safety visit or contact
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