Thank you to Elk Valley residents who are doing their part in keeping our wildlife wild and our community safe.

Keep up the great work and encourage and help your neighbours, family, friends, seniors and new seasonal residents bear proof their properties. The end result will be a safer and cleaner community for people and wildlife.
welsh three bears
September 29. Bear Sightings update.
A sow and 3 cubs reported in Ridgemont. Bear sightings reported in James White Park, on the dike trail by the Quatrine Apartments, 3rd and 4th avenues and 10th and 11th avenues in the Annex.
Bears reported on Willow Place, Maple St, White Birch Crescent, Mountain View Mobile Home Park, Engelman Spruce Drive, Mountain Shadows Campground and Mountain View Mobile Home Park.
Bears reported on Almond Crescent, Caribou Drive, Alpine Drive and a youth encountered a bear by Chauncy market on his way to school.
If you have garbage, fruit trees, pet food, compost, outdoor freezers or any other type of attractant, expect bears on your property. Please be a responsible resident and remove all attractants. Thank you for your cooperation which will result in a cleaner and safer community for your family and our wildlife.
For more information on wildlife safety visit or contact