Bear sightings reported throughout the Elk Valley

Monday October 21. There have been reports of bears accessing garbage in backyards, carports, on decks and in vehicles throughout the Elk Valley and South Country. As a result traps had to be set in the Annex in Fernie and in Hosmer. Removing bears will not resolve human/wildlife conflict. It just opens a niche for another bears to move in.
Locking up garbage and bear proofing properties is a proven method of reducing the number of bears destroyed and will result in a cleaner and safer community. If you do not have a shed or garage, excess garbage can be taken to the bear resistant dumpsters at the Fernie Chamber of Commerce 24/7 or to the transfer station.
The trail between the Ridgemont condo’s and Overwaitea is closed until further notice. Please respect this closure, keep our bears wild and our community safe. Black bear and 3 cubs reported throughout Ridgemont. Bear sightings also reported in West Fernie, on the dike trail by Coal Creek Bridge, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th ave in the Annex and in the park. There have been no signs of the injured grizzly or her cubs in Mt Fernie Provincial Park. The closure is no longer in effect however please be prepared and expect to encounter wildlife and take due care and responsibility.

Bear sightings reported on Ponderosa Drive and Cougar sightings reported on Pine Avenue.

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