Bear sightings reported in Mt Fernie Provincial Park and throughout the Elk Valley

Monday June 9. Here is a summary of wildlife sightings reported the last few days.

Bear sightings reported on trails in Mt Fernie Provincial Park, top of Fat Bastard and Happy Gilmar trails. A small brown colored black bear (reported as a grizzly a few times) has been seen throughout the city of Fernie; Park Crescent, Mt Minton, 1st avenue and 1st street and Ridgemont.

A grizzly bear was reported feeding on a deer carcass on Highway 43 by Grave Prairie.

Bears reported accessing garbage in dumpsters left outside between collection days. Keep dumpsters in a garage or shed between collection days. Call the District of Elkford to obtain a bear resistant container if you don’t have a garage or shed to secure your garbage.

The Elk Valley is wildlife habitat. Your best defense is to be aware of wildlife in the area.
 Make Noise to avoid a surprise encounter (use your human voice, clap hands or two rocks together)
 Carry a walking stick (adults can carry Bear Spray in a side holster)
 Walk in groups
 Keep dogs leashed and/or under voice control
If you encounter a Bear:
 Let the bear know you are human (arms out to side)
 Use your voice in a calm, assertive manner.
 Back away slowly and allow the bear an escape route
 Never turn your back on wildlife
 Do not approach or feed wildlife

For more information on wildlife safety go to