Many bear sightings reported on recreational trails in Fernie

Monday July 20. Many bear sightings have been reported the last few days on trails in Fernie and in the Mt Fernie Provincial Park area: intersection of Lazy Lizard and Project 9, Stove Trail, Provincial Park Campground, Lake Trail at Island Lake Lodge and Anderson road.

Grizzly cubs reported feeding on birdseed on lower Elk Valley road. Bird feeders often become bear feeders, please feed birds during winter months only.

The Elk Valley is Wildlife Country
The Safest Wildlife Encounter is One Prevented

Avoid surprise encounters: Call out, clap your hands, sing or talk loudly
Look for signs of wildlife: Tracks, droppings, diggings, claw-marked trees, torn-up logs, overturned rocks and food caches.
Travel smart: Stay in groups, stay on marked trails and travel in daylight.
Do not litter: Pack it in, pack it out.
Carry bear spray: Keep it accessible and know how to use it as your last best defense.
Dog owners: keep your dogs under control. They may provoke defensive behavior in wildlife.
Cyclists: speed and quietness put you at risk for sudden encounters. Slow down and make noise.
Never Approach or Feed Wildlife
brown balck bear
Report human/wildlife conflict to 1-877-952-7277(RAPP) or #7277 on cell.
For more information on preventing human/wildlife conflict visit