Bear and cougar sightings reported in South Country and Elk Valley communities

Monday August 25. Fortunately we’ve had a great berry crop this year in the Elk Valley and plenty of natural food for wildlife. Bears have been reported accessing non-natural food sources (garbage) in some Elk Valley communities
Let’s work together and take a proactive approach before the berries run out and garbage lures more bears into town. Thank you for taking some time to bear proof your property. The end result will be a safer and cleaner community for people and bears, and fewer bears needlessly destroyed.
Wildlife sightings
Grizzly sow and cubs reported on Heiko’s trail.
Cougar sightings reported at Grave lake campground and by the CP rail station rest house.
Bears reported accessing garbage on Balmer Crescent and Galbraith Drive.
We live in wildlife habitat. Be aware of your surroundings and respectful of the environment. If you observe dangerous wildlife
 accessing garbage or other human supplied food sources
 that cannot be scared off
 a bear, cougar or wolf seen in an urban area
Call the Ministry of Environment 24-hour hotline on 1-877-952-7277. This allows officers to identify current hot spot locations and work with both residents and wildlife to encourage use of natural habitats and food sources before wildlife becomes habituated and/or a safety concern.
For more information on keeping communities’ safe and wildlife wild please visit, or follow us on Facebook.

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