Garbage, birdfeeders, compost and fruit trees are luring bears into Fernie and Elkford

Wednesday September 3, 2014. Bears reported accessing garbage and compost in the Airport subdivision and on 11th Avenue in the Annex in Fernie and a brown colored black bear has been seen throughout town in Elkford. Two bears have had to be trapped and destroyed recently in Elkford. Bears were repeatedly accessing garbage and posed a threat to human safety.

Bear season is here. Be prepared and expect to encounter bears throughout our communities. If you have unsecured garbage, unpicked fruit trees, bird feeders, bird seed on the ground, pet food, dirty BBQ’s and other attractants in your yard you are bating bears into your neighborhood and jeopardizing your own safety, that of your neighbours and contributing to the needless destruction of bears.
Thank you for taking some time to bear proof your property and help your families, friends and neighbours do the same. The result will be a cleaner and safer community for people and wildlife.
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