Cougar sighting at Mt Fernie Provincial Park Campground the night of September 15

Tuesday September 16. A large cougar was seen on the road by campers at Mt Fernie Provincial Park last night. Grizzly and black bear sightings also reported throughout the trail network and in Elk Valley Communities.
cougar kit by meg2
If you encounter a Cougar:
 Pick up small children and small pets
 LET the Cougar know you are human-NOT prey
 Make yourself as large and as mean as possible
 Use your voice in a loud and assertive manner
 Back away slowly. Never turn your back on wildlife
 If the Cougar attacks, fight back with everything that you’ve got, it is a predatory attack

Call the Conservation Officer Hotline to report any incidents 1-877-952-7277 *7277 on cell
To learn more about wildlife safety drop by our Open House event this Saturday from 10 till 2 at the Wildsight Office, 891 2nd avenue, wildlife safety, apple pressing, composting, electric fencing and much more…

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