Apple trees are baiting bears into backyards. Use your local apples before the bears get to them.

Unmanaged fruit trees and unsecured garbage are the root cause of wildlife/human conflict. Wildsights’ Apple Capture Project has an apple press available to press apples into juice. If you can’t keep up with your apple tree, share the harvest! List your fruit trees on the apple share to connect with someone who can make use of your fruit. Go to for details and to sign up.

Owning a fruit tree in bear country is a big responsibility. Pick fruit daily as it ripens or pick it before it ripens if you don’t intend on using it and don’t allow fruit to accumulate on the ground. Pruning your fruit trees will result in a better and more manageable quality of fruit. Consult your local arborist.

Thank you for helping keep wildlife wild and our community prees casy n ayla