Cougar sighting by the community ecogarden in Fernie and bear and cubs by the elementary school in Sparwood

Monday September 29. A cougar sighting was reported by the community eco garden. Cougars are wide ranging animals and may show up in urban settings from time to time. If they are passing through it is important they do not find food that may encourage them to stay.

Feed pets indoors or if fed outdoors, bring in any uneaten food as pet food may attract cougars. Keep your pets indoors, especially at night. Cats and small dogs that are left to free-range, hunt small birds and rodents and, in turn, become prey themselves.

Never feed deer or other possible prey species for cougars. While deer may be pleasant to watch, they can attract large predators such as cougars into residential neighborhoods. As well, urban deer present their own set of problems to you and your neighbors. Deer are one of the cougar’s primary food sources. If deer are abundant in an area, especially a wintering area, then there is a good possibility to find cougars using the same area.

Bears have been seen in backyards during the middle of the day on Mt Minton, on the Frisbee golf course, dike trail in the Annex Park, 4th Avenue, Castle Mountain Drive and Hand Avenue in Fernie.

A black bear and 2 cubs have been feeding on apple trees and garbage on Pine Avenue by the elementary school.
If you see a bear in your yard, slowly retreat into the house and ensure the house is secure. Once the bear has left, ensure that anything that may have attracted it is removed.
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