Bear and two cubs that came into conflict with people destroyed on Pine Avenue by the elementary school

A black bear and 2 cubs lured into the community by fruit trees and garbage that have come into conflict with people had to be destroyed on Pine Avenue by the elementary school in Sparwoodbear eating apples. Let’s not blame the Conservation Officers who have to pull the trigger. We, the people who chose to live in bear country are responsible. Those of us who are mindful of their own garbage and backyard attractants are not off the hook. You could help further by inspiring your friends and neighbours to do the same

It is sadly not possible to relocate all bears that come into conflict with people. Relocation seldom works with bears as they often return to their home territory or become “problem” animals in other communities. In addition, trans located wildlife often fail to adapt to their new habitat and, as a result, may starve to death or be killed by animals that already occupy the area.

If you see a bear in your yard, slowly retreat into the house and ensure the house is secure. Once the bear has left, ensure that anything that may have attracted it is removed. Lock up the garbage, clean up the fruit trees, clean the BBQ and bears will move on back to the wilderness for natural food. The end result will be a safer and cleaner community for wildlife and people.

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