Hunter attacked by a grizzly bear in Morrissey and cougar sighting in Ridgemont

A hunter was attacked and injured by a grizzly bear Sunday morning in Morrissey. It is unknown what provoked the attack.

Wildlife Sightings

Bear sightings reported by the Coal Creek bridge and the Coal Creek boat launch. A cougar was seen on Ridgemont Crescent.

Bear sightings reported on Alpine Way and Hemlock road

Bear sightings reported on Balmer Crescent

A grizzly bear and cubs was reported on a property on Hilderbrent road.

The Safest Wildlife Encounter is One Prevented

Avoid surprise encounters: Call out, clap your hands, sing or talk loudly
Look for signs of wildlife: Tracks, droppings, diggings, claw-marked trees, torn-up logs, overturned rocks and food caches.
Travel smart: Stay in groups, stay on marked trails and travel in daylight.
Do not litter: Pack it in, pack it out.
Carry bear spray: Keep it accessible and know how to use it as your last best defense.
Dog owners: keep your dogs under control. They may provoke defensive behavior in wildlife.
Cyclists: speed and quietness put you at risk for sudden encounters. Slow down and make noise.

Never Approach or Feed Wildlife

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