Grizzly bear sightings west of Fernie and black bears reported in Fernie and Sparwood

Grizzly bears have been seen just west of Fernie. Bears will defend three things, food, cubs and their space. Leaving garbage accessible to bears in a backyard, under a carport, on the front porch or in an open dumpster can lead to human/wildlife conflict. Do you really want to get between a bear and a food source (garbage)? Expect bears to be around for another few weeks so please lock up garbage and all other attractants and give bears a chance to return to the wilderness to den for the winter.
bear in city bin
Wildlife sightings

A grizzly sow and two cubs were seen on a property on highway 3 a few kilometres west of Fernie and on Ben Emmet trail in Mt Fernie Provincial Park. Black bear sightings reported on the dike trail behind Mt Minton in Mountainview and on the dike trail in the Annex.

Bear sightings reported behind the Causeway Bay hotel, Matevic Road and Hemlock Road.

The safest wildlife encounter is one prevented. Lock up your garbage and bears will move on. For more information on wildlife safety, go to