Recent warm weather may prompt bears to emerge from their dens.

Bears will travel great distances in search of newly greening plant growth, carcasses melting out of the snow, or other potential food sources. Spring (or late winter in this case), is the best opportunity we have to prevent bears from learning bad habits by ensuring that our properties are free of attractants (unsecured garbage, dirty BBQ’s and bird feeders).   If bears get the upper hand early by feeding in our back yards, it will be hard to make them wild again.

There have been no reported sightings of bears in Elk Valley and South Country communities however let’s work together to be proactive. Here is what we can all do to ensure that our wildlife stays wild and our community remains safe.

  • Put garbage out on the day of collection and keep it stored indoors (garage, shed or basement) between collection days or take it to the transfer station.
  • Bring in bird feeders.-feed pets indoors
  • Keep barbeques clean and odor free and secure any other attractants.

Thank you for sharing this information with your neighbours, families, friends and visitors. The end result will be a cleaner and safer community for both wildlife and people.

For more information on preventing wildlife human conflict visit

bear in tree house