If bears cannot find easy food (garbage) in our neighborhoods they will move on.

Bear_Garbage_CanThe natural curiosity of bears brings them into our communities. While exploring they become ensnared in a web of garbage and other attractants.   Exposure to people causes bears to lose their natural fear of humans. Bears that have been fed learn that people equal food. These bears may become aggressive, expecting food each time they see or smell people. A bear had to be destroyed by the Coal Creek boat launch last week in Fernie because of concerns for human safety. The removal of this bear does not resolve our problem, it simply opens up a niche for another bear to move in.

Here is how you can help prevent the needless destruction of bears.

Keep your garbage stored in a shed, garage or in your house until collection day or take a trip to the transfer station on highway 3 to dispose of it responsibly. Clean your BBQ after each use, keep pet food indoors and manage all other attractants responsibly.

Help your family, friends and neighbours do the same. We have many new residents who are new to bear country and seniors who might need help. The end result will be a cleaner and safer community and prevent the needless destruction of wildlife.

In BC it is an offence to provide food to dangerous wildlife. You can call your local bylaw officer or contact the Conservation Officer Service on 1-877-952-7277 to report violations. If you need assistance you can contact your local WildSafeBc Community Coordinator.

For more information on keeping wildlife wild and communities safe visit www.wildsafebc.com