WildSafeBC program is back after a winter in hibernation

WildSafeBC Program Coordinators throughout the province are back to work with residents and visitors to help ensure that wildlife remains wild and communities’ safe.

There have been no reported recent wildlife sightings in Elk Valley and South Country communities. Spring is the best opportunity we have to prevent bears from learning bad habits by ensuring that our properties are free of attractants (unsecured garbage, dirty BBQ’s and bird feeders).   If bears get the upper hand early by feeding in our back yards, it will be hard to make them wild again.

To learn more about preventing wildlife /human conflict come and visit our booth at various community events, contact us at fernie@wildsafebc.com if you would like a presentation for your school or community group.

For up to date information on wildlife sightings and reports in communities and recreational areas visit our Facebook page WildSafeBC Elk Valleybear in tree house