Bear Sighting in West Fernie Park

July 1st.  The small cinnamon colored bear with an injured front leg was seen by the entrance on the corner of Hand Avenue and Riverside Drive in West Fernie.  Make noise if choosing to enter the park to avoid surprising this bear at close range as the visibility is poor due to thick brush.  Bears will travel great distances to find food.  This young bear has made his way from James White Park, across the river to the Super 8 and back to West Fernie even with an injured leg.  Do not approach or feed the bear and always leave bears an escape route.  This bear is unable to climb trees to escape so may react defensively if surprised at close range.

Bear sightings also reported in Sparwood, on Matevic Road and on the trails at the old ski hill.

Thank you for helping keep wildlife wild by preventing encounters when out on the trails and keeping garbage indoors till collection day and bear proofing your property.  Happy Canada Day.  Drop by the WildSafeBc display today at the aquatic centre in Fernie to find out more about keeping wildlife wild and communities safe.