Bear sightings update for Elk Valley and South Country

Monday August 17.  Berries are drying up, apples in town are ripening and garbage left outdoors is luring bears into Elk Valley and South Country communities. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that wildlife remains wild and communities remain safe.


Bear sightings reported in James White Park, Dike trail by the Coal Creek Boat launch and by the Leroux Mansion, West Fernie Dike trail, Annex Park, Uprooted and Montane trails.


Grizzly bear sightings reported by 3rd Street and Victoria.


Bear sightings reported behind the recreation centre and by the pedestrian bridge between FJ Mitchell School and Matevic road. Cougar sighting reported in the wooded area at the bottom of the new pedestrian bridge.

South Countryorange lawn sign west fernie

Black bear sightings reported in Rosen Lake area.

We sadly don’t have the resources to address every individual that is either by intent or neglect baiting wildlife into our communities. We are hopeful that long-time residents will lead by example and bear-proof their properties and that neighbours will work together to ensure that the neighbourhood is free of wildlife attractants (garbage outside, windfall fruit/apples, dirty BBQ’s etc.). We have new residents, second home owners, tourists and seniors that can benefit from your knowledge, help and experience.

If you need support addressing an issue contact and/or contact the local bylaw officer. All reports will remain anonymous.

Call 1-844-952-7277 to report human/wildlife conflict

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