Bear an cubs seen on the river trail by Dogwood Park in Fernie

Tuesday August 18.  A bear and cubs were seen on the dike trail early this morning by Dogwood park.

The attached graph illustrates the number of calls regarding black bears made to the Conservation Officer Service between 2013 and 2015.  While the 2015 bear season started off relatively normal (compared to the previous two seasons), the number of bear sightings fell right off in May, June and July. Typically, and there are exceptions, our peak season for bear sightings/conflicts is the month of September.

We have analyzed the data in WARP and have produced this graph to show you the relative bear activity for Fernie and the elk Valley from 2013 through until 2015.

Please help ensure that this September is a quiet one by: picking all of your fruit as it ripens and removing any windfalls from your yard; putting your garbage out the morning of collection; and managing all of your other attractants as per our guidelines at pwor graph

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