Learn how to prevent wildlife encounters and safely use bear spray

Wimg_8210ednesday August 26, 6 pm at the Fernie Bike Park by the Gazebo.

Due to popular demand WildSafeBC will be doing a short public presentation (30 minutes) on preventing wildlife encounters and how to safely use bear spray.   Inert bear spray (bear spray without the cayenne pepper) will be used to demonstrate.   This is your opportunity for hands on practice with the inert spray.

The safest wildlife encounter is one prevented. Having bear spray accessible and knowing how to use it will enable you to remain calm, give you the confidence to stop, assess the situation and back away slowly in the event of an encounter with wildlife. Bear spray is not a substitute for using common sense but can be used as your last best defence if necessary.

For more information contact fernie@wildsafebc.com and watch this short video on the safe us of bear spray https://vimeo.com/123217603

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