Wildlife update, garbage and apples luring bears in everywhere

bear eating applesMonday August 24. Bear sightings, bears eating garbage left outdoors, bears eating apples dumped at compost sites and on apple trees in backyards, people approaching bears and taking photos of bears reported all over Elk Valley communities. Here is a brief summary.


Bears accessing garbage and apples at the Fernie Mobile Home Park, Ridgemont, Coal Creek Bridge, Annex Park by the East Fernie bridge and Dike trail by the Leroux Mansion.


Bears reported feeding on apples dumped at the community compost site by the firehall and by the Causeway Bay hotel.


Bear sightings reported behind the gas station in Elko.

If you don’t want bears on your property or in your neighborhood jeopardizing your personal safety keep garbage indoors, clean up all fruit trees and dispose of fruit responsibly and help your neighbours do the same. Please report all violators to your local bylaw officer.  Thank you for helping prevent the needless destruction of bears and helping keep our community safe for people and wildlife.


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