What about the Bear in Area signs?

orange lawn sign west fernieThe purpose of the signs is to warn people there is a bear in a residential area and to remind everyone to manage attractants (garbage and apples) responsibly. For your own safety and the safety of our bears please avoid areas with bears. The “Bear in Area” signs are a trial project. It has proven to be successful so more signs have been ordered. I expect them later this week.

Feeding by intent or neglect, approaching, watching and photographing bears all contribute to an increase in human/wildlife conflict and the destruction of bears.  

After repeated exposure to people and easy access to human food, bears lose their natural fear of people, associate people with food and become bolder. The end result is a potential threat to human safety and the death of a bear. Thanks for giving bears their space and respecting “Bear in Area” notices, trail closures, bear-proofing your property and helping neighbours do the same.

For more information go to www.wildsafebc.com



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