Bear sighting’s update and illegal dumping of apples at compost site in Sparwood attracting bears

Wednesday August 26.


Bear sightings reported the last few days on Cemetery Bypass and Eco terrorist trails.  Bear and cubs seen at Stanford Inn, West Fernie dike trail, Fernie Mobile Home Park and Elkview Drive.


Bears seen at  the compost site behind the fire hall.  People have been illegally dumping apples at this site attracting bears and jeopardizing public safety .  This site is for the disposal of grass, leaves and sod only.  Take everything else (apples, fruit garbage) to the transfer station.  Bear sightings reported on the ski hill trails.


Grizzly bear and cubs reported on Bears Paw Crescent at the base of Balmer Drivesparwood compost sign

For more information on wildlife safety go to

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