Reports of an aggressive bear chasing an individual in Peace Park in Elkford

A family of brown colored black bears  (called in  as grizzlies on a few occasions) have been reported showing aggressive behaviour.  An individual was chased by one of the bears in Peace Park in Elkford yesterday.  There were several reports of this bear family in Natal, Newgate and Needles crescent.

Keep garbage indoors till collection day, remove all fruit from trees and take unwanted fruit to the transfer station, bear-proof your property, talk to your neighbours and get them and/or help them do the same. If you see a bear on your property, make noise to scare the bear off (bang pots and pans together, air horn, noise maker if it is safe to do so.  Report all violators to the Conservation Officer RAPP line (report all poachers and polluters) on 1-877-952-7277 and/or call your local bylaw officer.

A lack of natural food sources, wildfires and smoke are driving bears out of their habitat and into communities across BC. Be prepared, bears are likely to become bolder in their search for food as they need to fatten up before going into hibernation later this fall (typically November).  You may be comfortable with bears in your yard, but what about your neighbours, their kids and pets? It is an offence in BC to provide food to wildlife. It is everyone’s responsibility to bear proof their property and take due care and diligence when you choose to live in bear country.

Report wildlife/human conflict on 1-877-952-7277elkford brown bears

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