Open and overflowing commercial dumpsters are a bear attractant.

BBCub in Radium Bin[1]There have been a number of reports about business dumpsters being left open and overflowing with garbage, attracting bears to the area and jeopardizing public safety. Residents, please do not dump your waste in or beside dumpsters designated for businesses. Take it to the transfer station

WildSafeBC would like to remind all businesses to ensure that:

The area surrounding the dumpster is kept clean, odour free and maintained in such a manner as not to attract wildlife.

Dumpsters must be kept closed at all times and secured (with a lock or carabineer) at the end of each business day, (City of Fernie Waste Regulation Bylaw #1845).

We live in Bear Country, contact either Waste Management or South East Disposal to upgrade to a dumpster with a ‘bear lock bar” or a bear resistant dumpster. Thank you for your attention to this matter and complying with City of Fernie Waste Regulation Bylaw #1845. The end result will be a cleaner and safer community for wildlife and people.



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