off leash dog chases bear from the dike trail up a tree by the Annex duck pond

Wednesday 3pm.  Earlier this morning an off leash dog chased a very large black bear from the dike trail by the duck pond to a backyard on 11th avenue in the Annex .  The bear sought refuge at the top of the tree and eventually came back down at about 1 pm.

Dog owners, if travelling on the dike trail please keep your dogs under control, by voice and with a leash.  Dogs chasing bears may provoke defensive behaviour in bears and result in human/wildlife conflict.  Bear sightings also reported by the Coal Creek boat launch earlier today.

Be prepared and expect to encounter bears.  Travel in groups, make noise to avoid surprising them at close range and stay in well lit areas at night.  If you see a bear, stay calm,  identify yourself as human with your voice and back away slowly.  Never approach or feed bears. dike trial bear

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