Dead goat and grizzly bear on Heikos trail, use caution.

Monday October 5. bcWildSafe_180x120

A group of goat hunters were charged by a grizzly bear on Heikos trail about 2 kms west of the caves, 750 metres off the trail on Satruday. The group had legally shot a goat and were packing up the meat when the grizzly bear charged at them. The grizzly was shot in self-defence. Please use caution if choosing to hike Heikos trail, dead goat and grizzly just off the trail.


Bears reported in Ridgemont, throughout the Annex, Alpine trail, Annex park, Coal Creek boat launch, Cemetary bypass and Mad Cow trails.


Bears reported in Sparwood Heights, Buckthorne Place and Mountainview Mobile Home Park.


Bears reported on Minto Crescent, Alpine Way, Balmer Crescent, Cassidy Crescent.

Be prepared and expect to encounter bears anytime, anyplace.

At home: Bear proof your property: lock up the garbage, clean up the fruit, feed pets indoors, keep pets indoors at night and get rid of anything that might attract bears to your property. Encourage and help your neighbours do the same. Report offenders to your local bylaw officer.

In town or on the trails: Travel in groups, stay on the trail and in well-lit areas and make noise to warn bears of your presence. If you encounter a bear, remain calm, identify yourself as human with a calm voice, back away slowly and leave the bear an escape route.

We live in wildlife habitat. Be aware of your surroundings and respectful of the environment.

Never approach or feed wildlife.


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