Why aren’t people feeding wildlife getting fined?

Many people ask me “why aren’t people attracting bears with unsecured garbage getting fines?’ My reply to this is “if you know of someone who attracting bears or other wildlife to your neighborhood and jeopardizing your safety report them to the Bylaw Officer”. Their duty is to respond to complaints and complaints remain anonymous.  I am hopeful that education supported by power of enforcement will result in a cleaner and safer community for all of us and fewer bears destroyed.

The City of Fernie, District of Sparwood and District of Elkford all have bylaws prohibiting the provision of food to wildlife and it is an offence in BC to feed wildlife by intent or neglect as per the Wildlife Act.  For all of us who have had the good fortune of calling the Elk Valley home for a long time, let’s remember to lead by example and ensure that we are not baiting bears onto our property with garbage under the carport, on the deck or in the backyard and that we are complying with local bylaws.

For more information on wildlife safety visit www.wildsafebc.comBear_Garbage_Can

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