Bear and Moose Sightings on Elk Valley Trails

Tuesday June 21.  bear in tree smallerAs trail use continues to increase as does the potential for human/wildlife encounters. The Elk Valley is prime wildlife habitat so be prepared and expect to encounter wildlife anytime.


Bear sightings reported on Canyon trail and at the top of Swine Flu. Moose sightings reported on Montane trail. Reports of female moose with calves charging at off leash dogs in West Fernie and Mt Fernie Provincial Park. Dog owners, remember that dogs chasing wildlife may provoke defensive behaviour.


Grizzly bear sightings were reported by the Josephine Falls trailhead car park last week.

Wildlife Safety Top Tips

Make noise to warn wildlife of your presence, watch for fresh signs of wildlife activity, travel in groups in daylight, do not litter and carry bear spray and know how to use it. If you meet a bear, back away slowly and leave. Do not run. Give the bear space to escape. Never feed or approach wildlife.

Thank you for reporting human/wildlife conflict to the Conservation Officer Service reporting line


To share wildlife sightings with other trail users please post or message on the WildSafeBC Elk Valley Facebook page or email



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